John Newton, Aeronautical Tutor at Loughborough University writes: 'myself and all of the fellow Staff and Students of Loughborough University that were involved with the project just want to pass on our sincere thanks to the club for letting the team use your club site for the test flights and also for all of your help and assistance.'

This was the first time the club has held hosted a UKCAA  or classic aerobatic association meeting.

Graham and Martin Fox have given a lot of their time in assisting the students and accompanied them to the competition

Below is John Newton's (Aeronautical Technical Tutor from the university) Report on the event

I’m delighted to report the exceptional performance of 10 of our Aeronautical Engineering MEng final year students who participated in the iMechE’s first “UAS Challenge” competition (http://www.imeche.org/knowledge/industries/aerospace/auasc) on 1 and 2 July at Bruntingthorpe airfield, in which they won 2 awards: the “Design Award” and the “Most Viable Business Proposition Award”.

The challenge asks teams of undergraduates to design and build an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to fly a representative humanitarian mission, identify a drop zone on the ground using an on-board camera, and then parachute a 1kg aid package, all of which must be done automatically (that is, with no manual control). The video below shows the completely automated flight from take off to landing. Parachute drop is at 1.35.

Graham and Martin Fox also assisted the teams in this competition.

The report is from John Newton (Aeronautical Technical Tutor)

Students from the Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Department took part in the BMFA’s Heavy Lift Challenge over the weekend. The event is staged at Elvington Airfield in York and involves teams from across the Globe competing to see which can lift the greatest payload of water over a given course using an uncrewed aircraft of no more than 2m wingspan. The motor and battery is fixed so all teams have the same power plant available to them.

Our 3 teams of students did very well  achieving 3rd,4th and 5th places respectively, had it not been for a crash during the last flight of our Night Hawk team they may well have come 1st having got airborne with a payload of 4Kg of water (the winning team lifted just over 2.2 Kg). All teams managed to fly in all three flight slots and all successfully carried a payload. The flying wing team got a special mention in the awards ceremony for producing a flying wing that successfully carried the payload, something not done in many years.

H_enjoying_supperWho's Eaten my Pie ?

The offer of free Pie and Chips plus £5 reduction in next year's membership fees for those joining up at the meeting, was too much for any self-respecting aero modeller to refuse, so a good turn out was ensured. Despite the noble efforts of the chairman to ensure everyone knew just what they had ordered by distributing a list confirming each person's choice, proceedings were temporarily brought to a halt by a loud cry of "Who's eaten my pie?" by none other than Mr Colin Monk. H, sporting festive headgear, certainly looks to be enjoying his food, or maybe he's smiling because he thinks he has just eaten Colin's pie!