H_enjoying_supperWho's Eaten my Pie ?

The offer of free Pie and Chips plus £5 reduction in next year's membership fees for those joining up at the meeting, was too much for any self-respecting aero modeller to refuse, so a good turn out was ensured. Despite the noble efforts of the chairman to ensure everyone knew just what they had ordered by distributing a list confirming each person's choice, proceedings were temporarily brought to a halt by a loud cry of "Who's eaten my pie?" by none other than Mr Colin Monk. H, sporting festive headgear, certainly looks to be enjoying his food, or maybe he's smiling because he thinks he has just eaten Colin's pie!

With supper over, the formal proceedings of the evening started with Colin Monk ensuring arrangements for the forthcoming Swapmeet were tied down with military precision. However there was some mild merriment in the ranks when a couple of people found themselves on one of Colin's volunteer lists despite their protests "I didn't volunteer!" Colin unmoved by the incident put up a manly defence and reiterated the fact they were on his list, so they must have volunteered. Don't worry lads, I think  the pie incident had unsettled him!.

Big Thanks to Colin

Joking apart a big thank you to Colin for organising the Swapmeet, it certainly takes a lot of hard work and Colin does a brilliant job and brings in extra revenue for the club. 

LMFC Annual Award

A big highlight of the evening was the club annual achievement award which was presented to Brian Cole for his untiring effort in mowing the grass at the Wymeswold site. The trophy that was presented to Brian, is a turbine blade from the Vulcan bomber that bombed Port Stanley during the Falklands War. There is a plaque included giving all the details and authenticity of the blade.

Brian has assured me that the trophy will sit proudly on the mantelpiece at home to be a good conversation topic with guests and will not be used as ballast in his latest project. 

General Reports

The membership for 2013 at 97 members was the highest that anybody can remember - brilliant!

The finances were given a clean bill of health.

The committee for 2014 was elected in

Chairman - Dave Blakemore

Vice-chairman - Wayne Applebee (also site liaison officer)

Secretary - Kevan Gillings

Membership Secretary - Colin Monk

Treasurer - Paul Snelling was elected as the new treasurer taking over from Colin Campbell.

Thanks to Colin Campbell

Thanks to Colin who has served the club as treasurer for the last five years and done a great job.

Finally thank you to Dave Blakemore and the committee for running and organising the club over the last year