Richard's outstanding scratch built scale chipmunk. The attention to detail is superb, with control linkages all hidden as per full size.

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 The aeroplane performs beautifully


Graham Fox with his 3D printed aeroplane, which flies like a trainer. Extremely stable and performs excellently. Even the wheels are 3D printed.


This was Walter performing taxiing trials of his scratch build Miles. 

Click Read More to see video of the maiden flight accomplished on Warbirds day 7th May 2016

Ever since Paul started this hobby as a teenager he's always wanted an I/C twin. It all started when his then father in law invited Paul to visit the Britten Norman factory at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. His father in law was an electrical technician there involved in the manufacture of the twin engined "Islander". 


Mick really is getting into the sport! This is Mick's half scale Gypsy Moth. One has to admire his ambition.

Duncan has given permission to share the high and lows of flying model aircraft.

A little while ago Duncan was flying his Pitts special when a landing went wrong.

The 1.5kg lead weight up front seems to have assisted in the nose dropping off. However as Duncan says there is a lead lining to every cloud.

Finally! After three and a half years this project came to fruition. On Friday 9th October the second version of John's DB Sports and Scale MK1 Spitfire had a successful flight. The following is his account of the project. 

Pictured is Brian with his Tiger Moth which he built from the DB Sports and Scale kit. Brian says the aeroplane flies really well and with its Saito engine it sounds and looks good in the air. Brian is really chuffed as he should be. It's a great sense of satisfaction when you have built a model and it flies really well.

What a treat for those of us who braved the cold this 7th Feb, 2015 to witness the maiden flight of Richard's scratch build Grumpy Tiger Cub. Richard has done a brilliant job including tiger stripes and yellow props for the 'eyes'. Well done Richard, a true aero modeller.

Mick has acquired himself a third scale Pipe Pawnee. The following video shows one of Mick's first flights. Duncan is providing a vital supporting role!