The photos show Colin Monks' latest own-design R/C model.

Colin, who was an avid R/C flyer during the '90s but has been flying Control-Line for about 15 years says, 'there are less opportunities to go C/L flying these days due to fewer members who follow the 'true faith', so I decided to build another R/C model so I could go flying whenever I want to, as there are usually a bunch of lads at Derby Rd during the week -  weather permitting, and of course Wymeswold at weekends. 

I much prefer doing own-designs - I'm an aeromodeller - the thought of ARTF goes against the grain with me - kits are too expensive and I often find that on other peoples' designs they make the structure unnecessarily complicated. This model is 54" span and is powered by an OS25 FSR 2-stroke - all up weight is 3.5 lbs. Having built the model, at first I was concerned the engine wouldn't be up to the job - but the reverse has proved to be the case. If anything the model is over powered and will fly quite fast on half throttle on a 10 x 5 prop. 

Because I haven't flown R/C for about 7-8 years Bill Nix kindly offered to check the model and test fly it for me (thanks Bill), and his opinion afterwards was very favourable. I've flown the model with Bills' assistance and now need to practice take-off and landing procedures - again!

See you at the field'.