Ever since Paul started this hobby as a teenager he's always wanted an I/C twin. It all started when his then father in law invited Paul to visit the Britten Norman factory at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. His father in law was an electrical technician there involved in the manufacture of the twin engined "Islander". 


During the visit Paul could not believe his luck when one of the company pilots invited him on a test flight in an Islander which had been in for service. A round trip of the Isle of Wight later Paul was hooked on the idea of a twin having listened to the sound of two Lycoming engines running in sync.

Finally forty years later Paul got around to getting a twin in the air. He would have liked it to have been an "Islander" but as there are currently no kits available, and not having the time to build one from scratch, he went for the Seagull Dual Ace.

IMG 1774

Powered by two Enya 40's it was the most intense maiden flight ever Paul had undertaken. Paul flies the twin regularly when weather conditions are right for it and enjoys the sound of those engines running in harmony.